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Part Time Engineer :P

So the other day, one of my business colleagues from the engineering department at work asked me if I could fix some device they are using. Well naturally, I wondered why the couldn’t do it themselves, after all they are the engineers and I am not much of a handy man, so these kind of hardware activities freak me out. But having to be asked to do and engineering task made me feel threatened and my ego started to kick in. So, hell yeah, I accepted the challenge.

Naturally, I googled and youtubed before attempting the task. aaah, how did people live before the internet. I have to say, I loved the experience, it was new! And the feeling when you get when you successfully do something, yeay!

I have even got a thumbs up from the people at work! double yeay!

Difficulty Level: Easy
Danger Level: Meduim (the solding iron is HOT, and may cause high level burns)

To start my stash of random posts. let start by trashing Programming and Programmers ~~ boo.

Oh no, seriously, The IT industry is THE industry of choice. You know because of that dot com thing and that iPhone thing.

Ten thousand hours of code begins here

One sentence:

Welcome to my dashboard of the journey of ten thousand hours of code